I learned a valuable lesson tonight at one of my networking events…


desk clutter

Commit just 5 minutes...

Even if it’s just 5 minutes to get that “Thing” you’ve been dreading out of the way. Commit to those minutes to bring you forward. Stop putting off getting rid of the clutter that just gets in your way.

If you’re huffing and puffing about how much easier it is to say than do, I can attest to the challenge of committing. I’ve been trying to get my desk sorted out and organized. My tendency is to collect paper. My boyfriend fondly calls it, “paper hoarding.” Looking at my desk right now, with various articles, letters and receipts laying about, I’m totally not committing to getting my workspace cleared. And it’s frustrating. It sucks energy away just having to sit down next to it, day by day.

Committing 5 minutes will change a lot. Just 5. What would committing 5 minutes do for you?


About Tesz Millan

I am a professional singer of stage, radio, and television and love the process of giving life to my other passion - writing. Being a freelance copywriter, singer, and all around entrepreneur gives me the passion to live my life to the fullest everyday.
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