Chasing the sun is my favorite life pleasure…

Sunset over Istanbul so beautiful

One Of Many Captured Beauties...

This wonderful experience comes in two main forms. Either I’m gawking at a sunset or sitting dazed at the grand entrance of a sunrise. Either way, I’m a fan for life.

Who cares if I can only look directly at the sun for split-seconds at a time. Watching that ball of yellow sink into the horizon is one of my ultimate favorite things to do. And I relish in every opportunity I’m presented to experience one…

However, I believe the most incredible aspect of chasing the sun is watching what it leaves behind. It’s always a miracle to me how the sky turns bright yellow, then subtly fades into an orange hue before it gives way to the streaks of bright pinks, rich purples and deep reds. Each transformation absolutely breathtaking.

In ode to my love for sun gazing, here are my top 5 captured sunsets in no particular order of importance…

Istanbul, Turkey:  From atop a mountain on the Asian side of this beautiful city, the sky turns a bold purple before giving way to the darkness.

Bali, Indonesia:  One of my first sunsets… Nothing like having the waves of the ocean toss you around as the little ball of orange sinks into its blue waters.

Phoenix, Arizona:  Home. To many things, but most of all to the most radiant sunsets I’ve yet encountered. In this desert wasteland, colors in the sky never go understated.

Stuttgart, Germany:  I used to live in an apartment that looked directly at the side of the valley where the sun would fall behind a hill. The sky would turn bright yellow before falling away into shades of blood orange and fire engine red.

Palma, Mallorca:  It was here that I discovered that there were others like me who shared my love for sunsets. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing several sunsets on this island with a fellow sun chaser.

If you ever get the chance, capture one of your own. They’re bound to stay with you for a lifetime.


About Tesz Millan

I am a professional singer of stage, radio, and television and love the process of giving life to my other passion - writing. Being a freelance copywriter, singer, and all around entrepreneur gives me the passion to live my life to the fullest everyday.
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2 Responses to Sunsets…

  1. Rory Westray says:

    I truly appreciate this post. I’ve been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thx again! “All that is gold does not glitter not all those that wander are lost.” by J. R. R. Tolkien.

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