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My Athena…

Yesterday I attended the annual Athena Awards, celebrating and honoring female leaders throughout the Valley. As we all watched videos sharing the story, philosophy and mission of each nominee, it got me thinking about all the magnificent women who have … Continue reading

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Home Base…

Too much is enough. With time to breathe comes a time to see. While sitting at the local bread company this week waiting for an appointment, I decided it was time to just breathe. Yes, it’s still early in the … Continue reading

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The Digital Reality…

Where does it all go? Once upon a time… My business partner led me to the website for Bitly. And I created a brand new bouncing baby link from a stringy link that seemed to never end. And I asked… … Continue reading

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Did He Know?

When a person creates something that changes the world… Does he know it? Can a person really comprehend the impact of a creation that came from a dream? That a thought could actually shift reality? That intention brought about true … Continue reading

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