For some reason, I’ve been experiencing a lot of death…

death bird

"On The Wings Of Change..."

Seems morbid, I know. But it’s crazy how situations, movies, and scenarios are pouring their way towards me and they all center around the theme of death – coping with it, facing it, going through it.

Someone once told me (or maybe I read it somewhere) that when you dream about dying you’re actually enacting your own subconscious transformation. So when these overwhelming almost-like-the-real-thing dreams happen, I ask myself, “What transition am I going through at the moment?”

With so much “death” in the forefront of my consciousness, I’d like to think (or hope) the Universe is simply sending me this one message: “It’s the time of transformation, little Teszy.” And it couldn’t be more than true.

I’m slowly but surely letting go of my singing career. I’m comprehending that a trip to Europe is no where on the calendar. I’ve shifted into a new long lost career as a writer. I’m finding and settling into my new home. I’m accepting all the changes that are coming my way that I have absolutely no control over, and simply letting life be.

Through all the death, I am learning to truly let go and live.


About Tesz Millan

I am a professional singer of stage, radio, and television and love the process of giving life to my other passion - writing. Being a freelance copywriter, singer, and all around entrepreneur gives me the passion to live my life to the fullest everyday.
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2 Responses to Transformation…

  1. Visionkeeper says:

    Yep Tesz….That is what this shift of 2012 is all about. We are all changing and moving into new ways of being that become more meaningful for we are finally living our TRUE lives. Lots of deaths are transpiring as we are shedding the old and embracing the new.Good for you! In the end you will love it and life will be so much more intriguing….enjoy the ride:) VK

    • Tesz Millan says:

      It’s incredible to me how these messages are not just being passed along in my dreams, but through our 3D reality. It’s like the Universe can’t be more explicit. It’s breathtaking.

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