Oh, when life comes crashing into you…


"Fender Bender, Life So Tender"

There are times in life when you just can’t help what comes crashing into you. You sit there, idly waiting for the light to turn green so you can continue your pursuit of the path of least resistance, when suddenly the path of most resistance rear ends your innocent, unsuspecting little a$$.

What does one do when life comes a-crashin’? Do you flee the scene – never to be seen again? Run the risk of the police force (aka Universe) coming after you with a pad full of karma tickets, telling you that perhaps it would have been better to brave the fire? Do you go into a state of shock and paralysis? Hoping that you’ll suddenly wake up and find that it was all just a bad, hooky dream? Or do you take action, take names, and take down your fear in order to best deal with the circumstances?

What do you do? How do you handle life when it throws you off course? What comes out of you and who do you become?


About Tesz Millan

I am a professional singer of stage, radio, and television and love the process of giving life to my other passion - writing. Being a freelance copywriter, singer, and all around entrepreneur gives me the passion to live my life to the fullest everyday.
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4 Responses to Crash…

  1. georg beck says:

    What do I do? I used to panic, freak out and try to get everything back the way I wanted it to be…. 🙂 I´ve been a firm believer that I can control my life and that I am in charge of all the circumstances that appear in it. That has changed. The older I get I happen to become more quiet, more humble and modest when it comes to life, to life happening. I´m not saying that I gave up on myself, that´s not true. I still try to do my best within my given time. However, more than once I had to learn that, what I considered to be “my way” or “my path” is nothing more than an arrogant way of telling life what to do. It´s larger than my little me, my little story. All I can do is swim and float with and in it; not resist it but go with it; like water, altering it´s course, adjusting to the riverbed … remaining what it always has been and will be: life itself.

    • Tesz Millan says:

      So true, Becki. I guess in light of what you’ve written, I see life as an external force, pushing its way into my sphere of control. When I refer to a “crash”, I’m inferring that life is doing something I deem undesirable. But what you are describing is more that life is a river in which you flow. You are in sync with the river when you float along its current. Perhaps that’s where everything begins. Finding a different perspective and seeing how everything harmonizes together rather than collides.

  2. Visionkeeper says:

    Greetings Tesz….You go with flow believing with every ounce of your being that everything is as it should be. All things happen for a reason and it is up to us to find the reason and learn from the lesson. Enjoy the challenge and you’ll flow down stream with the current, resist what is taking place and not search for the reason, and your swim upstream will be extremely exhausting. I vote for ‘Glowing with the flow’ as the saying goes….Blessings for your day…VK 🙂

    • Tesz Millan says:

      VK, I ADORE this phrase “Glowing with the flow.” 😀 Thank you for this…and if you’d take a second to see my response to Georg Beck, it’s pretty much in line with what I would respond to you. You both are telling me to see life more like a flowing river, rather than a round of bumper cars. I like this… it makes absolute sense. Thank you!

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