The Future Is Here…

I sometimes toy with the question,
“What new technology will my little brother experience by the time he retires?”

man with rock

Tools of the Future…

After the iPad came out, I knew we had experienced a head on collision with the future. I saw before me an age where young children would no longer look into text books or learn cursive on a piece of paper. They would learn everything from their handheld tablet. They would manipulate objects in midair, experiencing a purely 3 dimensional world. They would tap a little broach on their shirt and be instantly connected with Starship Command.

Every day I’m coming into direct contact with more technology that once existed purely in our imaginations. Somehow, in my lifetime, we went from cave people with rotary phones to holding our entire worlds in the palm of our hands.

My favorite Fuzz shared with me a link to a TED Talk that showed us a glimpse of the next realm. I’d like to share it with you in the link below. And as you watch, think about where we were just a few short years ago. And with the leaps and bounds we’ve accomplished so far, who knows what my brother (and the generations yet to come) will experience and discover.

Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology


About Tesz Millan

I am a professional singer of stage, radio, and television and love the process of giving life to my other passion - writing. Being a freelance copywriter, singer, and all around entrepreneur gives me the passion to live my life to the fullest everyday.
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3 Responses to The Future Is Here…

  1. Ieonaa says:

    I find technology to be very useful. Easy information access, a mean to make valuable friends and get get advice from, a place to hang out with people with common interests and to shield away from the stupids in real life. My country is full of people that are just not worth the friendship so I redirected myself on the internet and it is neither shameful and neither sad.

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