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Come With Me…

I’VE MOVED!!! For over a year and a half, my blog lived at an address separate from my official website. Thanks to the brilliance of the creative folks at ArtistUpgrade, I designed a new room and welcomed my blog into my home. … Continue reading

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The Golden Key

A bee saved my life… Well, not really. But a crew of bees certainly made my life a whole lot better. I caught a nasty cold over the weekend and was not happy about having to write copy, host phone … Continue reading

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B. Out…

Yup. I’m feeling the singe of work overload. AGAIN. Which is why I found Marie Forleo‘s latest Q&A video to be the right remedy at the right time. Before changing my career from singing professionally to being a freelance copywriter,  … Continue reading

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An Invitation…

Are we gravitating towards a multitasking world? When I was growing up, specializing was the way to get things done. Assembly lines made our lives more efficient, more succinct, more predictable. Nowadays, models must become actors, computer programmers must know … Continue reading

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Open Window…

The minute my skin starts to prickle from the cool morning air, the windows are the first thing on my mind. The temperatures have grown cooler here in Phoenix, and we now engage in one of my favorite simple pleasures … Continue reading

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A Much Needed Break…

I didn’t post last Wednesday… I didn’t post the Wednesday before that either. And, honey, did it FEEL GOOD. I think I felt guilty a couple of times that first Wednesday. The second time my designated day of blog posting … Continue reading

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A New Home…

Yes, ladies and gents, I found a new home… And like many new beginnings, I can’t help but feel the jubilee of possibility and the uncertainty of the unknown. It’s like a 2-way street. We’re all going in one direction, … Continue reading

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