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The Winding Path of Change…

When you first start walking, you don’t quite know for sure where the journey will take you… I’ve recently begun an exciting new project, with people who are becoming trusted friends. We’re creating together on a level of understanding and … Continue reading

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There Are People…

There are people who accompany you on your journey for a time… Then there is the moment when you part And your paths must divide But the life you spent together will always remain In the stars and your heart … Continue reading

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One Gloriously Full Year…

A year ago tomorrow I will have been blogging regularly for one gloriously full year… When I jumped into social media after much self-justified hemming and hawing, I dared to ask myself the question, “Should I start blogging?” My sister … Continue reading

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For some reason, I’ve been experiencing a lot of death… Seems morbid, I know. But it’s crazy how situations, movies, and scenarios are pouring their way towards me and they all center around the theme of death – coping with … Continue reading

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‘Tis the season… What more could a little girl like me ask for than toys for the holidays? And I don’t mean big girl toys (let your fantasy decide what that could mean). I mean the kind of toys that … Continue reading

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The Digital Reality…

Where does it all go? Once upon a time… My business partner led me to the website for Bitly. And I created a brand new bouncing baby link from a stringy link that seemed to never end. And I asked… … Continue reading

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Did He Know?

When a person creates something that changes the world… Does he know it? Can a person really comprehend the impact of a creation that came from a dream? That a thought could actually shift reality? That intention brought about true … Continue reading

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